Information about ERGO-DigiStick joysticks


  • Great ergonomic features

  • Easy to install

  • All electronics is inside the joystick

  • Easy to program (no computer needed)

  • Large-scale adjustment possibilities

  • Is suitable for steering most of the proportional valves on the market

  • If the joysticks are equiped with extra switches it is possible to steer up to 6 different functions at the same time with one joystick



Digital joystick with built-in electronics for steering hydraulic valves

  • Steering: PMW 100 Hz

  • MAX 1500 mA

  • 12/24 VDC

  • 8 chanels:

    • 6 analog (proportional functions)

    • 2 digital (on-off functions)

  • LED light flashes if something is wrong


Information about adjustment possibilities:

  • No computer needed for adjustment

  • All adjustments are made by the A- and B-switches

  • A red LED-light indicates that programming mode

  • The default settings are done at the manufacturer, but if needed the customer can adjust/modify the following settings:

    • Min. and max. current for the individual directions

    • Dead band area (also the roll)

    • Acceleration and retardation ramps


Size, weight and materials:

  • Fastening holes: 4 pc à 6 mm

  • Center diam. of fast. holes: 108 mm

  • Total height: 185 mm

  • Diameter: 120 mm

  • Weight: 720 g

  • Materials:

    • Grip: casted plastic with fiberglass strengthening

    • Rubber bellow: rubber

    • Body: Stainless steel and aluminum

    • Cables: polyuretan (a flexible and durable material, flexible even in -40C°)







    ERGO-DigiStick kan styra olika typer av solenoider (olika styrkablar). Nedan finns exempel på solenoider som ERGO-DigiStick styr.