Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to operate, with a front loader steering system, a selector valve or a tool locking cylinder with the Ergo?

In the front loader mode, the Ergo-DigiStick with standard steering cable is capable to operate three proportional functions, the electrical floating and one selector valve (with a rele). Floating with A switch and the selector valve with B switch. As an alternative can the roll be used to operate one or two selector valves (with a rele) and the B switch can be used for tool locking cylinder. B switch is recommended for tool locking because it is sinked below the grip surface to avoid unwanted activation of the locking cylinder.

 If operation of four sections is needed ( 3 pcs proportional + 1 on-off ) has the electric floating be operated by an external switch. To make this possible has the “front loader mode” to be changed to “crane mode”, to be able to use the A connector of the steering cable to operate, among the B connector, a double acting on-off section. For changing of the program mode, contact the manufacturer.

 Look for the instructions of using a rele.

 Ergo-DigiStick can even be supplied with additional switches for operating maximum 7- spool valve ( 3 pcs proportional + 4 pcs on-off )