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ERGO-DigiStick PRO (utan styrkabel)

Product Code: 2110

ERGO-DigiStick PRO joystick with built-in power cable (1 m).

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ERGO-DigiStick PRO joystick with built-in power cable (1 m) for electrically controlled valves.

ERGO-DigiStick PRO joystick

ERGO-DigiStick controls the solenoids of the hydraulic valves with PWM, i.e. pulse wide modulation. While the voltage remains the same (12 VDC or 24 VDC).  The current (amps) is adjusted with a pulse width of 100 Hz. The pulse width (length in time) is adjusted between 0 and 100%. This is a common way to adjust the servo pressure  that controls the solenoids on the hydraulic valves. Our joystick contains all the necessary electronics.



The package includes: ERGO-DigiStick PRO
Steering: 12 V output max 1.6 A
12/ 24 VDC (max 28 VDC)
24 V output max 0.8 A
PWM 100 Hz
Channels: 2 digital (on-off)
6 analog (proportional)
Safety: The LED light flashes in case something is wrong
The overcurrent control automatically shuts off the power in case of incorrect values
Protected against incorrect connection of the power supply
Material: Cables: polyuretan (a flexible and durable material, flexible even in 40C°)
Grip: casted plastic with fiber– glass strengthening
Rubber bellow: rubber
Building: Stainless steel and aluminum